Yvette + Hanrie

Born from the idea of offering brides & event planners, an alternative to what is currently available in the event hire market.

'Sip Sip Soiree' is a passion project, started by 2 friends, who both have their creative roots anchored in the wedding industry. One, a wonderfully talented self-taught macrame artist and one an award winning bridal gown designer. Bringing their years of combined experience together, to curate a collection of authentically handmade pieces, retro refurbished furniture & re-usable dried flower arrangements. The idea behind SSS is that of sustainability, heart & celebration. Our collection has been very intentionally put together, placing specific emphasis on elopements, smaller intimate events & corporate launches. Geared towards the boho-luxe contemporary style of decor, our collection incorporates themes from Morocco with bygone retro eras & organic elements. To offer you statement pieces that are easily blended into a larger setting or as stand alone features.



I started Artesense as an online shop in 2013, however it was only a few years later that I found my true passion - to use my creativity and learn the art of macrame, making beautiful things with my hands!  I have always believed you should do what fulfils you and makes you happy, and Artesense has really done that for me!  It has been a journey however.  Unlike most people who start out by studying or finding their passions early in life, my life took a bit of a detour as I got married and had my babies young. I started working straight out of high school. I put my dreams on hold while I raised my babies (my favourite and most fulfilling job of all!), worked and travelled part time, earning a living while working for a beautiful organic skin care brand. It was only when my girls were a little older and at school for most of the day that I was able to dream again and pursue my passions.  I came across the art of macrame while simply scrolling through Instagram almost 5 years ago, and I knew I had found ‘my thing’. This opened the door for many projects both large and small and has not limited me to macrame only, but allowed me to be creative in a way I never dreamed possible!  There have been many ups and downs, tears, joys and challenges along the way, but I am doing what I love and I wouldn’t change it for anything.



I was born & raised in the heart of the Free State, Bloemfontein. I studied fashion & design there at a private college and started my own fashion label straight out of school. My first real wedding dress client was in 2005 and I can still remember the feeling I experienced, dressing my bride on her most special day. Fast forward to 2010 when I moved to Durban & subsequently opened up my very own bridal studio in the leafy suburb of Durban North, in 2014. I am leaving LOADS of blood, sweat & tears out, obviously.... but one day we'll get to all that! For now though, I can say that my own wedding day & being able to create my own gown, was the cement that sealed the deal for me. That THIS is 100% the industry that I want to emerge myself in. We now have a beautiful 2.5yr old daughter named Phoria & she drives mommy and daddy mad (but in a good way!). My heart is centered around creating the very best experience for each of my brides & helping them to continually keep hold of the importance of this special event, even in the midst of all the craziness that wedding planning can bring!